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      What is it? Sliding down a narrow canyon, from pool to pool, with natural jumps and waterslides.

It's great fun. Who never had fun in his childhood descending a river, jumping from rock to rock...? 

This is all what canyoning is about... descending  a torrent ... to swim,  to cross a basin, to jump in a water hole, to slip between two rocks, to descend the natural toboggans,  to abseil down along a waterfall…..Fun and laughter guaranteed!


   The torrents of the Valley of Chamonix are ideal for beginners ! You will be equipped with a wet suit, a helmet and  a safety harness. You also need old shoes to protect your feet. 

Warning: As always, Safety is a paramount since the canyons can hide many traps….It is for that reason, that only qualified Guides are licensed to take you in the canyons.     


Guide Fees 2013

+ Another expenses ( See rough prices in information  file  ) 

350 Euros per day up to 4 people, additional client 25 Euros , max number of clients 6.

Rental: canyoning equipment

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